A&W Roofing StreakFighter
Prevent streaking on your roof by installing CertatinTeed Landmark shingles with StreakFighter™

What you’re looking at isn’t dirt. It won’t wash off. Nor is it moss or fungus. Those black streaks on your roof are airborne algae. Now you can stamp out unsightly black algae roof stains and streaking before they have a chance to ruin your roof’s appearance. A&W Roofing uses CertainTeed’s line of algae-resistant shingles with StreakFighter protection. This provides you with a 10-year warranty against roof stains!

With StreakFighter protection, your roof maintains its natural luster and beauty free of unsightly splotches. This provides you with the unparalleled level of performance you’d expect from a CertainTeed roof—today and for decades to come.

To make shingles resistant to algae, a unique layer of copper oxide, is placed between the mineral core and the ceramic pigment coating. These copper-containing granules are uniformly dispersed throughout the shingle’s exposed surface. As a result, the copper leaches gradually over time. This provides a reliable, long-term protection to the shingle against algae attack.

No matter what color or style of CertainTeed shingle you choose, you can rest assured your new roof with StreakFighter will retain its good looks and color for many years to come. You can goodbye streaks on your roof!

How can we make such a commitment against streaks on your roof?

CertainTeed shingles have been meticulously developed, and they are tested and re-tested for resistance to algae. What’s more, their shingles are checked after every production run for an effective amount of copper content, and they are constantly monitored in field conditions to ensure the shingles you purchase meet the highest possible standards.

If you are in the greater Charlotte area and have noticed any streaks on your roof, or any other roof issues you would liked addressed, please contact us today for a free roofing estimate. Have a great day, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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