Insurance Claims

A&W Roofing is here to help. We approach every project with the desire to build a lasting relationship, earning your confidence and as a result your business and referrals. It is our goal to make your insurance claim process as stress free and non-invasive as possible.

No-Obligation Roof Inspection

Step 1

One of our Haag certified claims specialist will evaluate your roof for wind and hail damage as well as any other roofing concerns. Our claim specialists are Haag certified and understand the importance of your time. Therefore, our team members will always give you a fair and honest roof inspection report.

Contact Insurance Company and Initiate the Claim

Step 2

If your home has sustained adequate damage, our specialist will spend time helping you initiate the insurance claim. We will report the date of loss and inform the company of the damage your roof has sustained and provide any roof details the insurance company requires. At this time, the claim number will be generated and an adjuster will be assigned.

Meet the adjuster

Step 3

Our claims specialist, with you, will schedule an appointment to meet with the insurance adjuster at your property. Together, the adjuster and our representative will evaluate the storm damage your home has sustained. We are there to ensure you receive your full entitlement under the terms of your policy. We meet with local adjusters on a daily basis. Our courteous, prompt and honest approach to the insurance process has made us one of the most highly respected insurance mitigation companies in the region. At the end of the day, we are here to help you get a new roof! Therefore, you can count on our team to advocate on your behalf.

Issue Settlement and Sign Contract

Step 4

Your insurance company will issue a Loss Summary, which details the scope of work that they are willing to pay for. They will also issue the first of two checks to begin the construction process. A member of our team will meet with you at your home to review this summary and plan your building project. We will assist you in picking colors and materials as well as make an agreement to build your roof. On this day, we will also schedule the install date and coordinate the initial payment.

Roof Installation

Step 5

On the Day of the job we will bring all material and dump truck that way we are not inconveniencing you by having the materials sit in the driveway or yard. We will tarp all sides of house to catch the debris and after installation we have magnets for every application and magnetic 20 ft. around the house and blow off all concrete and porches. We take pride in Installing your new roof correctly and making sure the property is spotless. A project manager is always on site to ensure our team stays efficient.

Certification of Completion

Step 6

Our roofing specialists will review the entire job with you to ensure your satisfaction is met. A certificate of completion will be signed and sent to your insurance company to release the depreciated value. Upon receipt of the final payment check, A&W Roofing will present you with the warranty and all other required documents.

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